How to use wax based perfume

How to use wax based perfume

Using a wax perfume is easy but we thought a quick guide with some tips and tricks would be useful to make sure you get the best experience.

Open box

1. Open up your perfume

Slide open with your finger.

Swipe finger wax perfume how to

2. Swipe your finger in the wax. 

Less is more, so we recommend a few swipes instead of digging. If you want more, you can just add it later on.

Apply perfume how to wax perfume

3. Apply it to your skin

Now the fun part begins – apply to your skin where you'd normally wear perfume, or wear it on your pulse points (wrists and neck). This way, the heat from your skin on those spots will activate the scent in a natural way.


4. Close the box

You’re almost done! Close the box to preserve the perfume for when you inevitably come back for more.


 Not sure which to get?

Well that’s how to use a wax perfume. Not sure which perfume is right for you or your friends? Have a look at our perfume guide and get a personalized recommendation within 30 s.

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More Questions

- Rubbing? If you want the scent to come alive right away you can also rub your wrists against eachother two times very lightly. This creates friction (heat) which helps activate the scent faster.
*be careful, as overdoing this will damage the perfume particles and make the scent last shorter.

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