Hate perfume?
So  did  we.

Veriott is a wax perfume developed for the non-enthusiast who really just wants to smell good, all hours of the day - no matter what.

Thoughtfully designed for you,
by veriott in Stockholm

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Old perfume


Smells great


Bulky & fragile = stays in your bathroom cabinet


Alcohol = skin irritaton

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Smells great


Portable = always there when you need it!


Wax = moisturizes skin

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You should definitely give veriott a try to see if you will love this new style of perfume as much as me.

I was recommended Rectangle by the "perfume quiz", and it smells great!

Jonas Scott

Medium: @Jonasscott


Before buying, I was worried if it was sticky and hard to apply. Now I use it every day and it's not sticky at all. The scent lasts way longer than alcohol perfume tbh.

I <3 triangle

Jennifer Claudé

Stockholm, SE


I was unsure of which one to order at first, but then took the perfume quiz and bought diamond (it’s great). Much gentler on the skin than normal perfume I've used in the past, and it’s easy to carry with me!

Over all really happy, will try other scents too in the future!

Gustav C.

Linköping, SE


Veriott saves up to 13x CO₂ emissions compared to traditional perfume bottles.

Made of only one component: recyclable steel – you can't begin to compare it to a traditional perfume bottle made from glass, plastics, metal and even magnets!

"the environment"

Non alcoholic perfume?

Yes, that's a thing now, weird huh... Bring your veriott wherever life takes you. Don't worry about spillage or airport security ✈️

It's pocketable.

You'll be suprised how small & convenient it actually is!

Make the switch to veriott today. It's practically risk free with our "No fuss" guarantee!

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