Veriott and Sustainability

With a 100 % recyclable and space efficient packaging causing 13 times less CO₂ during package production compared to traditional bottles, we’re setting a new standard for environmental impact for the perfume industry. We’re not perfect (yet), but we’re always looking for ways to get better.

Carbon footprint image

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our users to do the right thing and recycle the case when it’s used, therefore it’s made of just one material. Other perfumes often contains glass which itself is fully recyclable even though it requires more energy to recycle. On top of that, a complex combination of plastics and metal is used to spread the scent.

Complex bottles designed like trophies do look good on the shelves but are not practical when it comes to carrying around nor efficient when it comes to shipping. Our package is not optimised to be on a shelf, but in your pocket. This is an efficient design which requires less space which is great for optimising deliveries.

What about our deliveries?

Shipping is an essential part of the climate calculation and we want to make sure that our impact is as small as possible. Therefore, all our deliveries are climate compensated for free.

In case you have any questions about what we think of the environment or just want to check in, send an email to