Return center

Important information, read all

We are very thankful that you've tested veriott, however: sometimes things just aren't meant to be.

We'd appreciate if you make the time to read through this entire document to make sure that the return process will be a ☁smooth☁  one for both of us.

Step 1 - Environment

Since veriott is a consumable, we are unable to sell returned perfumes. So please note that the returned perfume will be recycled.

If you are able to: see if a friend wants it instead and maybe you two can make a deal :) It's better for the environment and it might make someone really happy 🌱🌍

Step 2 - Eligibility

1. Our "money back guarantee" is valid for 30 days from your purchase day, (as long as more than 80% of the perfume is still left in the box).
2. Return shipping is not covered by veriott.

Please see our terms & conditions page for additional details.

Step 3 - Sending the return


  1. Make sure to remove or cover up any previous address written on the package to avoid confusion with the postal service.
  2. Package the items you wish to return in the original envelope. Please include the order confirmation, so that we can know the package is from you. If this has been lost, please write your ordernumber + full name + address + email + phone number on a piece of paper. Include this as a substitute to the order confirmation.

  3. Seal the package and ensure that it is safely closed. Rather use more tape than too little.

  4. Write senders adress on the back of the package like the picture below to avoid loosing the package if something happens. Also make sure to cross it out lightly to avoid confusing the postman.
    Return parcel sender's adress guide
  5. Delivery method: On the front of the package you place postage stamps and write our return adress found below. If you want to make sure the package arrives safely we recommend sending it with a tracked shipping method. Check with your local post office for guidance.

    Write this adress on the package:
    Hörnåkersvägen 6
    183 65 Täby

  6. Make sure all information is correct
  7. Take a picture of the front & back of the parcel so that we can easily identify it in case of damage during delivery-
  8. Send the parcel
  9. Fill out the form below

*When we've received the parcel it will take 1-5 days for us to book a refund for you (an email will be sent out). After this it will take 2-7 bank days (depending on your bank) for your refund to arrive in your account.


Step 4 - Fill out the form: